Friday, June 5, 2009


Wednesday night I got a very nice surprise at my door!! Our Sons, Dustin, Austyn and Austyn's cute girlfriend Tarra came for Kayla's Graduation! It has been so nice having our family home all together! Graduation was fun! The kids made it so entertaining with all the beach balls appearing out of no where when the prinicpal was giving his boring talk! Although he was not too pleased with the parents for laughing!! He really needs to lighten up! They are just kids and I didn't think beach balls were all that bad! Lovin' having them home!


Christy said...

SURPRISE ! What a cute family. And, that darling dark haired girl :) ... I love the one of you all together. Congrats Kayla! ~Big Luvins Christy

glenna said...

Hello! I purchased your Diapers to Go patterns & will be adding them to my online fabric shop soon.

I can't wait to make one, but there is to much on my plate this week. Looks like a fun project!