Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today marks two months that my father , Joe Garbo,  has been gone. Gone from this earthly existance but onto a greater world in the arms of Heavenly Father.  I know that he is happy and healthy now and enjoying life, but we miss him.  He was always there for all of my family including my three brothers , me and my mom.  He worked hard so we could have a good life and he always gave good advice.  He was 89.  We all know as our parents age that we will not always have them, but to me Dad is not gone, he is on vacation... a heavenly vacation and we will see him again.   In the last few years before he passed, we had some funny moments with him that we will never forget. So when it gets hard to think of him as gone, I start remembering all those funny memories he left us with and before I know it we are all laughing once again.  Thanks Dad for loving us, making us laugh and just being you... God Bless!  Love you.

He loved kisses from mom and me!!

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Kim said...

I am happy that you have wonderful happy memories of your father. I loss my mom a year ago and a day doesn't pass without thinkin of her. I don't think of her gone, but still with us. At least in my mind, she's still with us! It's funny to me how we think of our parents, to us, they are still young and vibrant not old! I'm sorry for your loss, it's a big one but happy for your memories.