Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Onesies are here!!

Finally a photo of the cute baby onesies pattern!  I absolutely love babies and always this was too much fun!!  There are three boy onesies (car, dinosaur, and dog) and three girls (Princess crown, flower, giraffe)... all will be included on the pattern which will be available for purchase after the class I am teaching at Thimbles and Threads (a great shop!) on in Draper, utah  Oct. 27 from 6-8 pm. (If you would like to sign up here is their number 801-576-0390  It will be so fun and easy!!  This makes great gifts for the new baby!!  One note:  After I finished taking these photos... I realized the dog paw print is incorrect.. dogs have 4 paws not three.... so that will have to be changed... lol  You would think I would know that since I have a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Lately it seams like I never have enough time... even if it is 4 days in a row of sewing... I often ask myself  Why can I not get any thing accomplished?????  But in reality I do get a lot done... I just expect so much of myself.  So from now on I am going to make lists of things I do accomplish just so I can feel like I really do get some things completed. Does anyone else feel that way??? Also here is a  little sneak on a new project I am working on...
Happy Sewing my friends!!!!!!!!


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Carmie said...

They look great--even though I had a sneak peek! And the car one turned out great--you did it!!