Friday, February 18, 2011

Refreshed and Inspired!!

So much has taken place since I last blogged... My husband and I went to Maui, Hawaii for 7 wonderful, sunny, relaxing days!! We woke up to this every morning... just imagine the waves crashing on the ocean and birds singing (some loudly!!).
then we had breakfast by the waterfall every day.
We got our exercise in too!  My hubby he would go out and run while I walked the shore line on this wonderful walk way!
Sometimes he even walked with me where we saw lots of whales..(you see it is their mating season) and turtles... huge turtles.... it was so cool to see it all.  Hawaii is such a paradise you don't ever want to leave.  But reality calls and we are back at home... glad to see our family!! While we were on vacation we had more exciting news... Our oldest son, Joshua and his wife Julie were watching their adopted daughter , Reagan Rachel Lockhart being born!  We did not expect her to come until Feb.12...but she arrived on Feb 5th 7 lbs 11 oz and beautiful as expected!!  We can't wait to see her!!   This also inspired me to sew again and start designing some new patterns!  Now I look forward to spring...since I have had a bit of summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are a few pictures I wanted to share.. hope you enjoy them!


Eva said...

Loved all the pics, and congrats on the new little addition!

Sella said...

Beautiful pictures!

Shannon said...

A miracle every time ...grand children are lifes greatest joy...