Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother, My Friend!

I just want to say "Happy Mother's Day" to a very special mom!  My Mom, Louise Garbo. I would not know what to do with out her.  She has always been my rock in life.  She is the one I can always turn to for any reason.  I want to thank her now for all she did for me as I was growing up.  I remember how special she made every birthday.  She told me how great a mom I was going to be when I had my babies.  She  just always gave me encouraging words, and now that I am a mom I appreciate her even more.  So I hope everyone reading this has told their mom how much you love and appreciate  her daily.  I love you mom!  Happy Mother's Day to one of the greatest moms!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


Kaylene Garbo said...

Aw...We love you Nana! And Happy Mother's Day to you too Christine! Love the new blog title design too!

Christine said...

thanks Kaylene! I love it too!