Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Market Pictures!!

Finally some pictures of Market... I am sorry this took so long... I was celebrating my birthday!! Too Much Fun! then working.... yes... I still do that ha ha! Anymore there is never enough time to have fun!... so here goes.. lots of pictures!
Sample Spree Line which wraps all around the entire building and 2 hours before they open no less!... for those of you who do not know what this is... on the night before market opens they have an event called sample spree where shop owners can buy new fabric not yet out and samples and patterns from vendors. It is SO much fun!

Lots of fabric to buy!!!
This is all the ladies rushing to the Moda table for fabric !! 
Here is Lori Holt of "Bee in my bonnet" standing in front of her new fabric line, " Sew Cherry" distributed by Riley Blake Designs and her new patterns!  She is so talented! 
Look at this pillow!!!!!!
Wall Hanging! 
Her new quilt!  (sorry I don't have any names of the patterns)
Thats all for today... more tomorrow!
Hope your enjoying pictures!  Happy Day my friends!

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