Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wow Where did Summer go??

Kayla, Tarra, and Austyn
I feel like it was just fourth of July....now its almost NOVEMBER!  Where did the summer go??  Well let me give you a glimpse of summer... Fourth of July our middle son and his girlfriend...came home to utah.  We, my husband, our daughter kayla , our son Austyn and our future daughter in law Tarra... had a great time and went to Sundance to view the beautiful landscape on a gondola ride!  I had been working since June on a quilt for my mother for her 80th birthday.  I got this wild idea that I wanted to make her a quilt of her favorite things after seeing this book:  Some kind of Wonderful by Hatched and Patched
  But I did not just follow her directions and make it easy....no
I had to change alot of it to make it personal. But I had fun doing it...It took pretty much all summer to complete but it was SOOOOO worth it ..here are the results.

My cute mom and her quilt!
Mom and me ....best friends!
Throughout this quilt are several special things... like on the clothes line are some jeans.... these jeans are made from my dad's actual jeans...see he passed away in Jan. 2010 so this means alot to her.  I added a picture of my dad because of course he was one of her favorite things...lol!  but he always teased her that "he was the boss!" So I put that as a caption on his photo.  We always took pictures in front of a tree in our yard... with all the grandkids so I put a tree on the quilt and on the tree is my mom and dad's initials...since without them we would have no family.  There is a family favorite recipe on there from my grand mother with a pie.  I added a suitcase with all the states where my brothers and I live. and the color of the suitcase is a private joke...you see when my mother last visited me she went toone of her favorite places to shop "Ross" and bought this huge bright pink suitcase...because she had so many christmas gifts to take home...lol..I didn't know if I was going to be able to fit it in my car to take her to the airport!! I added a cute doll block designed by one of my good friends Ann, from Pixie Girl Designs because my mother loves dolls!!(Anns was a bit more complicated, but I simplified it)  I added my logo on her hand bag...(of course!)   On the back of the quilt were several labels with messages from all my brothers and  my family, and one of her favorite quotes.
mom's hot pink suitcase!!
My mom Louise Garbo with her quilt of favorite things
Clothesline with Dad's actual jeans
Ann's doll pattern with my handbag addition and bracelet!
My quilt was beautifully quilted by Cathie and Melanie at Thimbles and Threads in Draper, Ut... and I am so thankful to them for getting it done for me with such short notice! If you have any quilting to be done I would highly recommend them! My Mom loved, loved, loved her quilt and it will always be a treasure!
Yummy Lemon Cake!
Dad was always the boss! lol
No birthday quilt would be complete without a cake!
Pie recipe from "nanny"


Eva said...

Christine-The quilt turned out really, really fantastically!!!

Janet said...

Oh my gosh, Christine, I thought you had left the country! I kept looking for a post, but knew you must be very busy and having a great time whatever you're doing. Absolutely love the personalized quilt - what a work of love for your Mom! And, yes, Cathie and Melanie are very creative quilters that did a fabulous job!

Kaylene said...

The quilt for Nana is AMAZING!! I can't wait to see it in person sometime. Wish I could have seen her face when she opened it. Miss you all.

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