Friday, August 28, 2009

Lovin' the Sun!!!!!!

Just got back from the greatest place ever! Cancun, Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fabulous! My kind of vacation... heat,, moisture... water,,, beach...a good book, diet coke, and more sun!!!!!!!! and the biggest turtle ever!! That's right, our first night in mexico walking the shore we saw the largest turtle ever... (sorry the pictures was really late at night) we later found out it was their nesting season. They bury their eggs in the sand and when they hatch the little turtles swim into the ocean! It was such a great experience! Our daughter Kayla went with us..her first time in Mexico. She used her knowledge of the language to get us breakfast every morning ha was very funny!! So many people think I am spanish, but I am not, I am italian!! So people would start conversing with me in spanish and of course my blank stare made them stop quickly! She did really good and learned alot. We took her to swim with the dolphins and she had a blast! We would love for all our family to go next time!! Hint Hint... you know who you are!!

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Anonymous said...

Mexico sounded Great! And I love love love all your designs! They opened a new quilt shop a couple of blocks from us.. . come down and check it out. From the family member who lives in the desert