Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Time!

Today, is my mother-in-law, Sharon's Birthday!!!She is a wonderful, sweet lady whom we love very much!! So, Happy Birthday "Mom"!!!  We are sad that we live so far away and are unable to spend time with you, but you are always in our thoughts!  I see that You got all the snow wishes we sent you!! ha ha  For those of you who don't see the news... Denver received loads of snow today!!!!!!!!!!! My son, Austyn, called early this morning to fill me in!!  It is always crazy when you get that first BIG snow of the year..I am glad we have not gotten a huge snow yet... I am not quite ready... need to buy new boots!  ha ha!!  like these
  I know they are not the typical snow boot... but I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stay warm everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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