Friday, November 6, 2009

Its here!!!

The new Winter issue of  Quilts and More! magazine is out!!

So run out and purchase this issue!! There are such cute new things to make including the most adorable dog bed!!  But, really the real reason to buy this magazine is to make my cute snowman mitten! I can't believe we are already talking Christmas and Winter... yesterday it was 75 degrees here in Utah... who can think winter with that kind of weather????  I guess you could feel like you are getting a head start on Christmas gifts.... ha ha!
 It is perfect for neighbors, friends, kids...etc.  You can fill it with lots of fun stuff... some ideas are:
Movie tickets, popcorn, candy etc..
Candy Canes and jelly beans
Cocoa Packets with candy canes and marshmellows
Toy cars or dolls with candy treats for children
Sewing Thread, needles, scissors, maybe even a small ruler for your favorite sewing friend!
Lipgloss, makeup or a gift card for your teenager!!
The ideas are so endless.. just be sure to place all the goodies in a cellophane bag and tie a cute ribbon on it..  Have lots of fun making your cute little mitten!!
Get all your quilting friends together for an afternoon of sewing...and
Try making alot of the other cute patterns in the magazine too!

Just have fun! Here is a close up of the mitten!

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Eva said...

Nice! Snowmen are rare in the desert, but we can still wish for a white Christmas.