Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running, Running, Running!

It seems like I am always running... I wish it was literally.... then I would lose weight very easily!  HA HA  Time has really gotten away from me lately... Thanksgiving came and went... now Christmas is just around the corner.. I am working on so many things at once.  Every Christmas I think I want to make all my family and friends a special Christmas gift... but then time slips away... and I have not made anything.  Well for the last two months I have been making baby gifts! Does that count for something?? We have a new baby girl in our family!!!!!!!  "Gracen Marie" was born on December 3 which is her grandpa's (my brother)birthday! What a great birthday gift!  Isn't she just the cutest baby??!!  She is the daughter of my Niece Whitney and her husband  Rich.  She also has a cute big brother, Noah!!  The following goodies are all for baby Gracie!
I made a "diapers to go" bag, burp cloths, car seat cover (I still need to add the loops for the handle), 
and two sets of booties... (I want to make more...they are so cute and fun to make)!!  Anyway,, this is why I have not created any new patterns... soon.... I am waiting until after the holidays to get serious again!   

Tomorrow my family and I are flying to our favorite city.... Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!  I can hardly wait to see all our old friends and shop at all our favorite shops... and eat at all our favorite Seattle Restaurants like Azteca!!!  I will be sure to take lots of pictures of quilt shops...(My old favorites!!)  and all the beautiful scenery there to share with you!  so until my return... have a great weekend and stay warm... (We have been freezing here.... 18 degrees.... lets just say Starbucks is getting alot of business from me!!!)  Until next time... be safe and sew lots!


Kaylene Garbo said...

Soooo cute!! I am sure Whitney will love everything. I love the color combos you used. Those booties are very cute! You are definitely expanding your baby stuff which is so cool.

Megan said...

I adore your creations! I saw your blue "Diapers to Go" in Material Girls Quilt Shop. Do you sell these completed to any individuals? I loved your blue pocka-dot with the start and cute button sample you had there. I tried to find your etsy shop? But was unable to do so. Can you let me know if you sell these? I live out in Herriman. My email is Thanks!!