Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

First of all Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope you celebrated the holiday in a safe, fun way!!!!!!!!!  Also I wish everyone a great healthy, happy, properous new year!
Here are the pictures I promised from our Seattle trip!
My favorite part of Christmas is the lights!!  Downtown Bellevue, Washington does a great job with just that!!! They put up the most beautiful lights as shown here
It was such a beautiful site to see giant snowflake lights everywhere!  If you look just below the lights there are Toy Soldiers too!  We planned on meeting our good Friends, Stan and Liz Fukui for dinner at the Palomino!  I really miss them!  Liz was my walking, shopping, lunching buddy!  I think everyday!! (and I don't mean just the walking ha ha!)  We always had just the best times ever! We met our friends at the "Palomino" restaurant in downtown Bellevue, Wa for dinner.  Great suggestion Liz!!  It was a wonderful dinner and way too short of a visit!  Liz and I just need to get together for a weekend of shopping and lunching again!  ha ha
Liz & Stan

Here is my hubby and I having a great time in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!  (Wish you were here Dustin!!  :)

Tomorrow the final pictures of our trip to Seattle!  Hope you have enjoyed our tour of the great city of Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!   

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